Fabric Sewn Into Fashion

  • Coral Linen

    22nd Sep 2023

    Coral Linen

    The combination of linen and embroidery create a stunning and unique look that can add so much to any outfit. The mixture of embroidery's intricate designs with linen's soft and smooth texture provide…

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  • Jewel Tone Floral Viscose Satin

    17th Jun 2023

    Jewel Tone Floral Viscose Satin

    Pat says, “I love this fabric; it is lightweight and incredibly comfortable! I purchased this fabric from Roz of Sew Much Fabric. I chose New Look pattern #6656 because of the butterfly sleeves.The bo…

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  • White Ponte Knit

    31st May 2023

    White Ponte Knit

    Kikki says, “ Found these buttons in my stash and figured I would make that the inspiration for my dress. I had a few scraps of the pink fabric left from a previous project and figured it would be a g…

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  • White/Pink/Lavender Floral Rayon Twill

    17th May 2023

    White/Pink/Lavender Floral Rayon Twill

    Abby says, “This is a McCalls 6515 wide leg pattern. I designed angled pockets into it so that there was some kind of storage space in these pants! I used a completely different waistband that I had a…

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  • Luxe Athleisure Wear

    26th Apr 2023

    Luxe Athleisure Wear

    I’ve always been a fan of texture so I was naturally drawn to the tweed-iness of the boucle fabric. Additionally, when I sew for myself, I consider what compromise I’m looking for between comfort…

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  • Black Faux Leather Jacket

    21st Apr 2023

    Black Faux Leather Jacket

    Patricia says, “The pattern used for this jacket was Know Me Patterns, ME2004. I chose the Inkwell Faux Leather from Sew Much Fabric. Modifications I incorporated included lengthening the front and ba…

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  • Merlot Ponte Knit

    19th Mar 2023

    Merlot Ponte Knit

    Ann and her husband were invited to a beautiful late summer wedding here in Houston, Tx. The event was a semi-formal affair for a colleague of Ann’s husband. Because Ann’s sewing time is limited ri…

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  • Black Pleated Stretch Velvet

    13th Dec 2022

    Black Pleated Stretch Velvet

    Beverly says, "I just finished with this stretch velvet. Love it. The ribs are going horizontally with the grain. Fabric is easy to manipulate, and I used a size 11 stretch needle."Fabric: Black Plea…

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  • Army Green Rayon Jersey Knit

    29th Nov 2022

    Army Green Rayon Jersey Knit

    Beverly says, “I used a size 11 stretch needle. The seams naturally open when pressing, so I didn’t serge seams because it does not ravel. Pre-washing the fabric is optional. I used the knit fusibl…

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  • Red Ponte Knit

    27th Nov 2022

    Red Ponte Knit

    Andrea says, "This number is my Ponte dress. The fire to my wardrobe when I need a quick "dressy" outfit with a simple pair of shoes. What is it about red that takes an outfit up a notch or two? Th…

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  • Sahara Sand Rayon Jersey Knit

    28th Jul 2022

    Sahara Sand Rayon Jersey Knit

    Paula says, "A summer make for me. Tie T-shirt, lounge pants, and flare skirt. The design on T-shirt and pants was created by me with Procreate and sublimated on a white jersey knit, then stitched o…

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