Charcoal Grey, Pearl Grey, Goldenrod Wool Blend Sweater Knit

Charcoal Grey, Pearl Grey, Goldenrod Wool Blend Sweater Knit

9th Dec 2021

The linen (top) was easy to sew and had no problems.

The sweater knit (Sold Out) is beautiful and very heavy and warm. Can't wait for some cold weather .

1. Used a ball point needle because it snagged a lot;

2. Used a walking foot to sew it.

3. I cut it out and added 1" seams so that I wouldn't lose the seam allowance. I used a bright yellow sari as interlining and used Chanel's method of quilting the pieces together. This technique actually stabilized it and prevented it from stretching.

4. No interfacing was used. The shoulder seams and side seams were stabilized with knit tape.

5. Seam finishes were challenging, as were the pockets. There is a lot of handwork on this jacket. I followed no rules with this. The jacket was really an experiment and study of the fabric and how to work with it. The quilting stitches don't show up on the outside at all, so the sleeves and hem were sewn by machine.

6. Instead of a front facing, I stopped the sari interlining and used the selvedges of the sweater knit for the fronts. That's what that fringe is. I also made a pair of denim pull-on pants to go with it. 

Thanks Beverly!

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