Satin Back Crepe-Teal

Satin Back Crepe-Teal

6th Jun 2022

Andrea says, "The making of the "Dance Dress", my draft, was the requested design for this Junior High dance. I made the princess bodice with 3/4" straps that helped to cover the underpinnings. The skirt is 7 gores, not your normal 6 gores because we needed to add the front split. I wanted the drape and weight of this gorgeous Teal, Satin Back Crepe, to sweep just at the top of the shoe and still be heavy enough to avoid the chance of any windblown mishaps at the front split. Sporting a total of 6 yards of material, this "Dance Dress" was enough to keep her modest with proper coverage in all the right places.  The upper bodice edges were supported using stay tape. I did not underline the bodice. The weight of the fabric was stable enough when combined with the Bemberg lining. There were so many hands that helped to put this dress together. Despite my challenges of working with a broken collarbone, I'm thankful for my sewing community, who pitched in to help me get her completed. Thank you, Aloyce, Jennifer, and my granddaughter, "Madam Secretary" for helping!!

Noteworthy: Madam Secretary pinned the skirt for me to sew. She worked with a silk press cloth, a pressing ham, and a sleeve roll to press all the seams and the seams on the princess bodice. I am so very proud of her!! I believe that because of the high quality of this fabric, it made the perfect introduction to working with specialty fabrics for a beginner. This was one of many garments I've sewn using this particular satin back crepe from Sew Much Fabric. Every garment has come out excellent." 

Fabric: Satin Back Crepe-Teal
Pattern: Self-Drafted

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